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I am now on Spotlight, you can find my spotlight link on my Resume page.

I will be updating my headshots with Tony Blake in August 2024 

In July I caught up with the lovely Kiefer Sutherland in Manchester. 

I have been attending weekly classes at  ActUpNorth since 2022- 2024 learning script analysis, breaking down characters, and working on varying acting techniques/ on camera.  

June 2024 -  I will meet up again with the lovely Jensen Ackles/ Misha Collins / Jared Padalecki and all the team of Supernatural in San Fransisco after 2 years on hold ...

I was in a film in 2021  ' White Wedding' With Collective Media and hoping to add my first Film Credit to my IMDB account - looking forward to the release of this - hoping this year. . . 



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