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Projects Places and people



Follow me to find more inspired ideas... 

As an Actor, I am always searching for creative outlets and projects to be part of... 

This is my Project page, a page of inspiration, places visited... 


also including  people I have met along the way, 


past /shows/ performances/ filming locations/ courses/ 

along this creative journey, I am on, ......... 


Hanging out with Jensen Ackles New York 2018 

Photo C Melkie

Hollywood Paramount Pictures Studios

Chilling with Richard Burke at Paramount Studios 2012


Riverview In Vancouver BC, Filming Locations - Supernatural and many more

Photo by me 


Caernarfon Castle, North wales,  Filming Locations  The Crown Series 3 

Photo by Me


Having fun with Ruthie Conel and Samantha Smith New York 2018

Photo Ruthie Conel

Paramount Pictures studios

Me and Rich in Hollywood 2012

Me singing 1 .jpeg

Throwback - Me singing at open mic night in Goodies way back when... 


Throwback - That time I spent an evening with the lovely Kiefer Sutherland... 

Ma and CSmelkie1.jpg

Impromptu fun photo with CMelkie New york 2018 


filming Locations  The  'Original Charmed house'  2010 photo by me. 

FRIENDS set .jpg

Throwback - When I visited the Central Perk 'FRIENDS' set Warner Bro Studio LA 


 Filming Locations. Riverview Vancouver BC -  Supernatural in most seasons.  Photo By Me 

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